Knowing How to Grow on YouTube is a Matter of Uploading Valuable Content

Zeeshan Contractor
5 min readFeb 2, 2021


Understand what is valuable content and you will know how to grow on YouTube.

After 3 years of misdirected hard work, 36 not so valuable videos and a couple of uplifting comments, my YouTube channel failed to grow in numbers.

I was able to put together a small army of around 1500 subscribers only, so it became absolutely disheartening and illogical to continue making these videos that took around a month to produce each which not many people needed to see.

YouTube doesn’t need the kind of content I was making, so I needed to step back, learn the right stuff and get back into the game.

My search to learn the right stuff led me to Brian Dean, who is one of the two most popular SEO gurus alongside Niel Patel and after watching all of Brian’s content, I was finally able to pinpoint the mistakes I was making and how to fix them.


The 1st Mistake: No Focused Niche

My content wasn’t focused on a single niche! Rather, I made narratives about any concept I became mesmerized with. This really disabled the audience who watched these videos to understand what my channel was really about and why should they subscribe to get more of this.

There are many valuable niches that you can choose from like ‘How to make money online’ where you can talk about all the different ways you can learn to build a viable career through the power of the internet.

Another powerful niche is copywriting where you can talk about everything that goes into influencing someone’s thought pattern by exposing them to really good copy.

So keeping in mind how valuable content is produced by focusing on a single niche, my content failed to fit in with anything specific.


The 2nd Mistake: No SEO

My content wasn’t optimized for search engines. Search Engine Optimization or SEO means making content that your user is searching for on Google or other browsers. Let’s go back to the niche examples we have, ‘How to make money online’ and ‘How to write a good copy’.

If you cater to the former niche, based on Google’s Keyword Planner, an average of 1–10K monthly searches are generated via Google Search Engine on ‘How to monetize a YouTube channel’ and the number of people making content around this topic is pretty low which tells us that this would be a really good topic for you to make valuable content around. Take a look at the snapshot below!

But choosing the topic doesn’t stop at the Google Keyword Planner! Let it serve you as a starting point only, once you have what you’ll be working with, jump over to the most visited social media platforms to see what kind of engagement is usually generated around the topic you’ll be working with.

Log on to Quora, Medium, Linkedin, Instagram and YouTube itself to name a few platforms which can give you the data to understand if working with your chosen topic would be beneficial for you, engagement wise or not?

Now a key question is how to know about the longevity of your chosen topic? Is the audience interest temporary or consistent in the topic? Jump over to Google Trends to find out!

Based on our chosen topic, the snapshot above shows how this topic has brought in consistent traffic throughout the past year, so it’s an educated guess that this search term will be bringing in traffic for the coming years as well.

The above snap covers worldwide users and compares our two niche examples against each other. You can also pick specific countries if that’s what you’re going for and see which niche you should choose according to the comparison graph.


The 3rd Mistake: No Q&A

My content didn’t invite the audience to ask valuable questions with valuable answers that they can share with their circle, generating a word of mouth which is the most sought after form of marketing for any marketer in the world.

My content wasn’t valuable enough to survive the long-term game on YouTube, I was able to generate an average of 3,000 views on some of my videos with only one of them blowing up to 70,000 views. The users didn’t need it and so YouTube didn’t need it!

My channel still generates over hundred passive views every month, but then again, nobody needs to see it and nobody wants to see it!

If you’re starting out on YouTube or planning to, act upon these three pointers to make sure you research the value of your content and then make it in a way that invites the users to engage with your content eventually leading it to show up on more screens, giving you the necessary motive to continue venturing into the calculated yet mysterious art of knowing how to grow on YouTube.

With this, I’m undoing all the random content I’ve uploaded to my channel and putting all my focus towards helping content creators on how to make valuable content. If you’re somebody who aspires to master the art of valuable content creation, you’re gonna find something here that is gonna help you achieve a better understanding of how to achieve just that.

I’ll be featuring case studies, tips, techniques and strategies so we can learn and improve our content together in order to make sure we produce nothing but value for the people of the internet who love to consume nothing but meaningful thoughts.

Until then, this is Mr. Zeecon, in the making of a great story!



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